Выпуск: 206 от 14/12/2018, Рубрика: Вдохновение
Maybe one day...
Maybe one day I'll wake up
With a kind of relief,
I can tell you, listen up,
You know, I've lost my belief.
Maybe one day I'll wake up
And see a smiling face.
Not some stupid teeth, no, stop,
Not a fake pride or fake grace.
I hope one day I'll wake up
And see someone really kind
With no sign of a make-up.
When they make-up, I am blind.
Maybe one day I'll wake up
And the sun will shine to me.
I don't believe, they say: “Cheer up!”
I don’t believe in anything.
I was often told:
“Spread light, hold and they will also hold”
I was a light – they didn’t like,
I used to hold… Oh, tell me, Lord,
Maybe I shouldn’t wake up then?
© Izabella Manoukyan
Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University,
Institute of Economics and Business
Faculty of Management, 3rd course, bachelor degree
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