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RAU is Now a Member of Alliance of Silk Road Business Schools
On June 8-12 2017, the Director of RAU Chinese Language and Culture Center Mrs. Naira Grigoryan was invited to take part in a forum of the New Silk Road program to discuss educational initiatives. The forum took place in Ningbo (Zhejiang province, the PRC) and was organized by joint efforts of Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Ningbo Maritime Silk Road Institute and Ningbo Education Bureau.
There were several summits and forums taking place during the visit: The China-CEEC (Central Eastern European Countries) Educational Cooperation Conference and “Belt and RoadEducation Cooperation Summit, during which Mrs. Grigoryan presented a key-note speech introducing RAU.
Forum participants also visited the universities and business schools of the region, where full-day lectures and experience exchange took place. Additionally, 2 expos on education, investment and trade in the frames of China-CEEC cooperation were organized. In the scope of the forum, representatives of sinology centers of the 16 participant countries met to discuss teaching methodologies of Chinese, which led to a dialogue on establishing a platform for educational exchange and cooperation. During the meeting, Mrs. Grigoryan introduced RAU Chinese Language and Culture Center's achievements and shared some of their practices. Mrs. Grigoryan’s speech at the China-CEEC Educational Cooperation Conference and “Belt and RoadEducation Cooperation Summit was warmly welcomed, resulting in an agreement on exchange programs.
The other part of the visit was dedicated to the Alliance of Silk Road (ASR) Business Schools. ASR aims at uniting the distinguished business schools around the world and building cross-border communication platforms for students, scholars and entrepreneurs. Functioning under the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the ASR builds platforms of business information exchange between governmental departments, colleges and universities, enterprises. Besides student and faculty exchange, the Alliance aims at boosting trade, investment and international business cooperation in the region, providing internship and job opportunities.
The Director of the RAU Chinese Language and Culture Center Mrs. Naira Grigoryan participated in the forum and signed an agreement with the Chairman of the Alliance Mr. Peng Long for RAU to become a founding member of the ASR. ASR was also interested in strengthening the cooperation with RAU Institute of Economics and Business and RAU Business School.
Below is the list of offered projects in which RAU will be taking part in the frames of the agreement:
1. Student exchange learning program (2 and more exchange places).In the frames of this agreement Beijing Foreign Studies University offered 15 scholarship spots for each Alliance member country.
2. Project for international students studying in China (2 recommended students to participate in the International Students Training Program)
3. Employment and Entrepreneurship project (2 students provided with local internships or employment opportunities from Alliance universities)
4. Online Course Construction (1-2 courses selected as online learning courses from Business schools on the official website of the union)
5. Teacher Research and Academic Exchange (1 teacher for teaching or research cooperation)
6. Teacher training program (annual trainings in different universities of the Alliance)
As a result of intensive working days, strong and long-lasting connections were established. Many universities were interested in the study programs presented by RAU. The conference is annual, and RAU was invited to participate again next year.
Interested students and teachers from RAU are welcome to apply for the above mentioned programs.
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