Выпуск: 207 от 11/03/2019, Рубрика: Вдохновение
Walking in the streets, deeply covered with thoughts
About how the life on the Earth has changed
From behind I heard some familiar notes
And thought: “This has been prearranged”.
Not turning around, I started to go faster,
But blowing winds were quicker than my legs.
I heard the voice of the Holy Master
Repeating my name again and again.
“Am I that old, - thought I, -
What have I done? Why does he want to see me?
It’s getting cold and I don’t like this sign.
Unless we talk - he won’t leave me”.
I turned around, looking behind,
But there was no person -
A purely clear yellow light
Came closer and closer...
... And through the light I heard a voice so gentle, so pure...
“Do not regret about anything you do.
Follow your heart, but listen to your brain.
Open the doors, and see the future’s truth,
Climb up the stairs - get rid of your pain”.
And I replied: “I am afraid of future’s truth:
The world gets more severe day by day.
And in advance I wouldn’t like to hear any news
Who knows: maybe the future is in flames...
And I don’t want to climb these wooden stairs -
I’ll do that later - now it’s not the time
I hope you’ll hear all my future prayers,
We feel the pain until we are alive”.
“This is your choice, - replied the Light, fading away, - it’s dark, so I will guide you home”…
© Izabella Manoukyan
Russian-Armenian University,
Institute of Economics and Business
Faculty of Management, 3rd course, bachelor degree
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