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Two sides of his Soul

A simple man
Without any attempt to be a leader.
He was a single man,
But used to say: “I need her”.
A shy girl
Too educated to talk to him.
As clear as a pearl
She tried to lead a simple scheme.
Whenever she played the piano,
The room was filled with sweet notes.
He thought to himself: “God, no
I love how this sound floats...
The Sun hid behind the clouds, evening came, he went away...
The weather was full of obsession
To visit a club and have a drink or two.
The wine put him into depression,
But that wasn’t the only clue.
He saw another creature –
A brave lady with crazy eyes.
Squeezing through the crowd, he reached her,
Asked to dance and got his prize.
And in that dance they were together –
Nobody was needed at all
Her soft gloves made of leather
Touched him – so muscled and tall.
He left the club late at night and roamed in the streets till the daylight...
In the morning his heart and feet
Brought him back to the piano notes.
Starting the life with a white sheet,
He changed the paddles of the boats...
“Well, this time I’ll ask her to travel with me
To wonderful lands and faraway seas,
Where no one will find us, us happy enough
To sing, live, survive and laugh”.
The idyllic plan was changed: it was the Moon that reigned…
Thanking the wind for the smell of wine,
He went to the club for a dance.
If that lady asked him to commit a crime,
He would not think about the outcome.
“The most passionate lady I’ve ever met
Is dancing with me tonight.
And I have not realized yet
Whether it is a voyage or a flight”.
The next day it all was repeated again:
Curse for pianos, addiction to clubs.
Swallowed by happiness – no time for pain,
But inside of his Soul were floods.
Who knows: maybe later he will
Decide what he really wants.
The two sides of his Soul are still
In conflicts, discussions and thoughts...
© Izabella Manoukyan
Russian-Armenian University,
Institute of Economics and Business
3rd-year Bachelor student in Management
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